Harborough Museum

The Harborough Museum opened in 1983 as a joint tripartite venture between Leicestershire County Council, Harborough District Council and the Market Harborough Historical Society.  The Society maintains close links with the Museum which includes in its inventory many items of the Society’s collection.


Full details of the Museum and its facilities (including opening times)  are presented on its own website
here. Entry is free and staff are pleased to help visitors interested in local history and can draw on an extensive archive of photographs and paper records.


The Museum and Harborough Library reopened in April 2014 after extensive refurbishment. They remain co-located in the Symington building but are now fully integrated with combined staffing. Further information and pictures here.












The two "must see" exhibits in the museum are the Hallaton Treasure which includes the largest known hoard of British Iron Age coins, and the decorated Roman cavalry parade helmet from the same period.  Both exhibits are of national importance with the helmet having now been returned after conservation and restoration at the British Museum.