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Harborough Museum - Events, opening times and location.  Entry is free.



The purpose of this website is to encourage people who know Market Harborough to store their memories of things that are there no more.



Leicestershire Industrial History Society: To encourage the study and recording of the industrial past of Leicestershire.



The Aerofilms collection of aerial photographs from 1919 - 1953. Photos of Harborough



Ashby de la Zouch Museum - all things historical in north-west Leicestershire.



Desborough Industrial Heritage and the Desborough Co-operative Society history until WW1.



WORLD WAR ONE Men of Market Harborough



The Leicestershire Archaeological and Historical Society:



Market Harborough Movie Makers - documentary films of local interest.



Great Bowden Heritage & Archaeology



A wonderful facility provided by the National library of Scotland (NLS) to compare old and new maps and aerial views alongside each other. The example link shows Springfield Street area of Harborough.



Numerous useful links for the general researcher.  Excellent resource for Cambridgeshire history.



BALH - British Association For Local History





Local News



Something to Bragg about